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Pelican MPB35 provides space for mom essentials, camera gear and then some

I was recently sent the Pelican MPB35 mobile protect backpack and guys it’s a keeper! First, let me say this, it is not a photography backpack. It’s not fully protected and doesn’t have a lot of compartments or dividers that we usually like when it comes to holding our gear.

With that being said, it is a fantastic backpack and might I say… diaper bag? Yes, you heard that right, diaper bag. I am a mom to two biological kids and also a foster parent, so at any given time I could have 3-5 kids with me in a variety of ages. Life becomes very unpredictable as a foster parent and it has been super helpful during it all as a backpack. I know what you’re thinking — that sounded extremely cheesy. But hear me out.

Click the link to see my full review over on!

Erin Holmstead Photography

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