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I have a special place in my heart for this adorable family probably cause they are my family. The dad Derek is my cousin and well I am pretty much his parents favorite person EVER! :) He is aware of this and has fully excepted it. I was also our grandpa's favorite! Which everyone also knows so we have always had a really close relationship. :) But regardless of who's the favorite we had a great time during family pictures! He had talked to me about family pictures and said they wanted to do something crazy and crazy we did. They wanted to send out two different family Christmas cards.One being a normal kind of generic family picture and the second one being an epic Nightmare Before Christmas horror themed picture. So that morning we rushed out and took some regular pictures at an orchard then headed back to the house so they could get their faces painted. Denise Christensen and Kiersten Okelberry were the AMAZING make-up artist that we got to work with and they KILLED it! Honestly we couldn't have done it without them!

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