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From Sports Photography to Portrait Photography: My Journey as a Utah Photographer

In the world of photography, my journey has been a thrilling one. I initially embarked on this path as a portrait photographer, but my trajectory took a dynamic turn when I began working with Cache Valley Daily, a local online media group. Through them, I delved into the exhilarating realm of sports photography, and this experience ultimately led me to contract work for Utah State University. This blog post is a testament to that journey, exploring how my sports photography ventures shaped my approach to portrait photography and opened up exciting opportunities.

Diving into Event Photography

One of the coolest opportunities that recently came my way was photographing a diverse range of events across the valley for Cache Valley Daily. This gig pushed me to evolve as a photographer in ways I could have never imagined. Each event posed unique challenges, pushing me out of my comfort zone and compelling me to grow. The thrill of never knowing what to expect and the pressure of delivering 30-40 images to my editor within an hour was both crazy and challenging. But you know what? I absolutely loved it!

The Excitement of Sports Photography

Among the events I've had the privilege to capture, the USU football games hold a special place in my heart. Being part of the Aggie spirit, sharing in the excitement, and capturing the energy of the games has been an incredible experience. These high-energy events have sharpened my skills, requiring split-second decision-making and precision in each shot.

Sky View football player wearing his uniform standing in rain
Erin Holmstead Photography

From Sports to Portraits

What's fascinating is how my journey in sports photography has seamlessly integrated into my work as a portrait photographer. The skills I've honed at sports events, such as capturing the perfect moment and dealing with fast-paced action, have enriched my portrait work. These experiences taught me to anticipate moments and capture genuine emotions, whether it's an athlete's victory on the field or the warmth of a family in a portrait session.

Expanding My Horizons with USU

This journey has had an incredible ripple effect, leading me to contract work for Utah State University. My portfolio and the skills I honed through sports photography became a valuable asset. Now, I have the opportunity to work on exciting commercial projects for USU, further pushing the boundaries of my craft.

Key Takeaways

In summary, my transition from portrait photography to event and sports photography and then on to commercial projects for USU is a testament to the versatility of a Utah photographer. My journey exemplifies the power of expanding one's horizons and learning from diverse experiences. From the high-stakes, fast-paced world of sports photography to the art of capturing heartfelt portraits, I've embraced it all.

As I continue to navigate this incredible journey, I'm thrilled to share the stories, lessons, and experiences that have shaped my growth as a photographer. With a heart full of gratitude and a camera in hand, I look forward to every new adventure that comes my way.


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