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Two must have backdrops for every photographer

I recently shared an article about why I want a studio outside of my home. In that article, I talk about how I have spent the entire year of 2020 shooting out of my living room. The living room that I turned into a studio.

Whether it was portrait sessions or product shots, they were all taken within that space.

Due to the limit of space, I had to get a little creative on products I could use as backdrops. It was getting more and more difficult to set up a full backdrop stand with my 107-inch seamless paper each shoot.

Hobby Lobby

This is where my trusted Hobby Lobby comes in. I remembered that a few months before Covid-19 I had gotten a custom print framed and matted at Hobby Lobby. The gentleman behind the counter had shown me a huge book of assorted colors of matboard they offered.

I made a quick phone call to my local store. I found out that in the store they carry matboard at a 32-by-40 inch size. However, they can order sizes up to 40-by-60 inches. They have about 25 different colors in stock as well.

I placed an order over the phone and later that afternoon I picked up 10 new backdrops with my total cost coming to $104.75. #winning

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