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Tips to help you take pictures in the snow

Preserving the memories of winter can be a bit tricky. Freezing temperatures and the blinding sun reflecting off the snow don’t help.

Whether you have an expensive DSLR with all the bells and whistles or a simple smartphone camera, pictures outside in the snow is no walk in the park. Below I have three easy tips to help you capture snow a little easier.

Keep your camera in the cold

The first thing I recommend is to keep your camera cold. I know this might go against your first instinct to keep your camera warm, but that is a bad idea.

When your camera has been in a warmer environment, as soon as it gets into the cold, condensation will start to gather. Oftentimes, this fogs up the lens to the point you can’t see anything. Ease into changing temperatures, and keep your camera at the same temperature as outside to ensure condensation won’t occur.

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