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The drop heard ’round the world, part two: The pick up

The drop heard around the world was one of the scariest times in my career. After I had told Michael about all that had happened, and after he had mentioned the insurance. I left his house and drove the 20-30 minute drive home in tears. I was broken. My core was shattered.

When this photoshoot came around I was wanting to walk onto the set, ready to take on the world with my photography. When everything shattered on that set — and I mean everything — my world got dark real quick. Now, a few years later, I completely understand that my business wasn’t prepared for the drop.

It happens to everyone

Here is what I wish someone would have told me before this. First, everyone is going to have an earth-shattering, soul-sucking moment that will rock them to the core. It sounds harsh and unfair. Reality check folks — life is unfair. You can thank my mother for those wise words. It is your responsibility as a professional to be prepared for things like this.

Get your gear some insurance.

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