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First look at the Kobra Flash Modifier

While wandering around the booths at WPPI this year, I met Paul McKelvey. Paul is the founder of the Kobra Flash Modifier — he designed the Kobra.

The Kobra is a flash modifier that is lightweight, flexible and pretty sleek looking. “I felt disappointed as to what the market was offering, so I created this,” Paul said.


While seeing the Kobra first hand at WPPI three things that really made the product stand out too me. First, it is designed from high-grade, flexible silicone that is not affected by high or low temperatures.

The diffusers its self is also completely foldable. You can roll the whole thing up and stuff it in your bag. It will pop right back up and maintain its form. The design has vent holes to allow air to circulate over the flash head and prevent them from potential overheating.

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