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Creating a light wand for dramatic portraits

I was recently at WPPI and came across the Savage booth, which had their RGB Light Painter Pro LED Wand for attendees to try. I messed around with it for a bit and instantly realized I needed one. However, I wasn’t willing to spend almost $160 in order to do so.

Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights

That evening I went back to my Airbnb and placed an order on Amazon, for a pack of Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights. I choose this package for three reasons.

First, the strip is waterproof. The rubber coating effectively protects it against water splash and you better bet this thing will be around water. Second, thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled feature, the Govee Home app allows me to control the lights from my home. A major bonus for someone who light paints a lot by myself. The third and final reason — drumroll if you please — it only costs $19.99!

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