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Calibrating with X-Rite and BenQ

If I told you that for the first five years of owning a camera I never calibrated my computer screen, you might have thought I was losing my mind. I couldn’t figure out why everything looked so horrible on my screen. I started to question if I was “getting” the concept of photography and white balance.

Things got even crazier when I started to try and print some of my images. It wasn’t until my friend and fellow author Levi asked if I had calibrated my computer screen. I think my jaw hit the floor! I mean I knew you had to calibrate lens to your body, but computer screens were a whole other thing.

Why it’s important

I assumed that since I had spent a small fortune on my computer that it was automatically set up to know what color was. Boy was I incredibly wrong. So cue my introduction into X-Rite.

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