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A tale of triumph amidst a shattering nightmare

During the shoot, I had planned to use an extra-long HDMI cord. To maintain some distance from curious onlookers crowding around my screen. However, during the creative process, my mind faltered, and I forgot about the extended cord. As I maneuvered to adjust the lighting setup, my foot got entangled in the cor. Before I knew it, the camera and lens were plummeting to the ground, leaving the room in deafening silence. Grief and panic engulfed me as I realized I had no backup gear at hand. And my world seemed to crumble. Desperately needing help, I turned to my friend and fellow photographer, Bob Grutzmacher. Without a moment's hesitation, he came to my rescue.

Bob's compassion and quick thinking saved the day. He offered me his trusty Nikon D5200, an older crop-sensor camera, accompanied by a nifty fifty lens. While the camera he provided was vastly different from my D610. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief knowing that I could still complete the shoot. Anxiously, I pondered how I could maintain the same image quality and consistency despite the different gear. Furthermore, my photography mainly revolved around close-up shots of eye makeup, amplifying my concerns. But Bob's reassuring presence and help to configure the camera's settings restored my confidence.

a sheriff in uniform wearing glasses
Erin Holmstead Photography

A Hidden Resilience

As I resumed capturing my client's work with Bob's gear, the resilience of the human spirit emerged. My determination and love for my craft overpowered the heartache, allowing me to focus on the task at hand. Ten minutes of shooting passed, and it was as though the nightmare never occurred. My subjects remained none the wiser, and the images turned out to be a triumph.

The Heartfelt Confession

After the shoot, I got the courage to tell my friend Michael, the owner of the shattered 105mm macro lens. Tearfully, I explained my mishap, prepared to make amends. However, Michael's understanding nature surprised me. He informed me that the lens was insured and that I needn't worry. At that moment, a weight lifted from my shoulders, and I was reminded of the true value of genuine friendships.

group of women wearing pink for breast cancer smiling at the camera hugging each other
Erin Holmstead Photography

A Lesson in Friendship

This crazy experience opened my eyes to the significance of surrounding oneself with supportive friends. Especially within the competitive world of photography. In a field that can be both rewarding and cutthroat. The kindness and willingness of friends like Bob and Michael can make all the difference.


While the shattering of my Nikon D610 and 105mm macro lens was undoubtedly a stressful experience. It ultimately ended in a tale of triumph. Through the support of friends and the strength, I found within myself. I overcame adversity and emerged as a better photographer. This experience has taught me not only the value of preparedness but also the invaluable role of true friendships. As we continue on our creative paths, let us remember the significance of lifting each other up. Offering a helping hand, and, most importantly, being there for one another in times of need.


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