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Maverick Mama

If you don't know Lindsey from Maverick Mama's you are completely missing out on life! I happen to be one of the 1000's of people who stalk this beautiful chick on Instagram. She is completely hilarious, so genuine and honest, yet real and vulnerable about life.

So when I noticed her Witches Night Out was happening I instantly was like...."um, hey if you need a photographer for the night, PICK ME PLEASE!". Little did I know next week or so I would wandering the street of downtown Logan with her and all her "witch friends" for what would be one of the funnest shoots I have ever done.

These ladies seriously know how to party and instantly made me feel like I was one of them...the cool girls! I can't wait to party the night away with them tonight at their annual Witches Night Out. It is going to be a witching good time! HAHAH!

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