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My little brother is getting hitched!

Spent the weekend with these two crazy lovebirds photographing their unconditional love for each other! I honestly can't believe that my not so little, little brother, is actually getting married. Is it weird that it makes me feel incredibly old? Either way, I am so happy for these two.

A quick little story about them and how they met....they actually met while on their mission. They both served in Pittsburgh, PA. Which when you think about it, what are the odds, that two kids from Utah would serve the same mission and later fall in love are married. Cute little love story if I do so say myself.

So with Abby living down south, Garrett working and going to school up here and the leaves rapidly falling off. I thought what better time to pop out some engagement photos than during conference weekend when the two love birds would be together. It was perfect! Fall was still in full swing up Blacksmith Fork Canyon and the weather cleared up for just enough time that we didn't end up freezing too much. It was the perfect little session.

I couldn't be more proud of these two and excited to have another sister in the family. Love you guys and congrats again!

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