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Zoo time with my wild animals!

Early Saturday afternoon we headed to the zoo! It turned out to be the perfectly little family getaway. Uncle Gar and his girlfriend were able to tag along and the weather was perfect. Not to hot, a good little breeze and hardly any crowds. The kids absolutely loved it.

Rock got to feed the giraffe...which by the way licked his pinky finger! :) He also learned that the giraffe was a 15 year old boy, who was going to be a dad any day and has and 18 inch tongue.

Gator girl loved playing on the playground, riding the elephant and seeing that she was as big as a black bear!

One crazy thing did happen though....while we were looking at the gorillas playing outside I noticed that the giant male gorilla had gone done and sat by the glass window. So I hurried and grabbed Rock and we ran down there as fast we could to get a closer look. There were only a few adults standing around so Rock ran right up to the glass and was honestly eye level with the thing. I had him turn really quickly for a photo and as soon as he turned right back around the gorilla went crazy trying to grab him! It started pounding on the glass screaming! Needless to say every human standing there screamed as well and about wet their pants...myself and Rock included. It was absolutely terrifying and poor Rock was pretty traumatized by it. Definitely grateful it wasn't anything worse and that everyone walked away unharmed.

All in all it turned out to be a great little family day with our little wild animals!

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