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Summer is almost over and all I keep thinking is there still time to go back to Hawaii??? We spent about 10 days on the island of Honolulu earlier this year with family and it was perfection. I had never been to Hawaii and neither had the hubby, so we went full force tourists.

We hit up the Polynesian Culture Center, which could have been one of my favorite parts. While there we got to go around to all the different island centers watching their performances and trying their food it was awesome! I even got to see my husband on stage in a grass skirt and coconut bra. And I….spit coconut water out my nose in front of about 1000 people during one of those performances when the cast member decided to call me up on stage and I started laughing uncontrollably. It was hilarious and a moment I’ll never forget!

I also got to go to Pearl Harbor. It was a place that had been on my bucket list since I studied it in school. We went on two tours one that was guided by a worker and the other one was an audio tour. Both of which I would highly recommend to anyone. I thought I knew quit a bit about Pearl Harbor. In fact, leading up to going I was quizzing my husband to see if he knew what I knew. But once there I realized there was so much more I had to learn.

We hung out on the beach, attend a luau and fire dance, we went to the Dole Pineapple plantation. Where my taste for Pineapple was forever altered for the better and we even got to attend the Honolulu temple. We ate dinner in a tree-house, went snorkeling and saw giant sea turtles on the beach. We ate so much food and even went to the Valley of the Temples, which was awesome! It was a trip of a life time and one that I’ll never forget and one that I hope to repeat real soon!

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