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Beauty Photography Basics

If your goal is to shoot beauty portraits, you must understand that not only does the model want to feel flawless, but the hair and makeup artists want their work to look beautiful in the final image as well. You may know a lot of various lighting setups but when it comes to beauty the main goal is to avoid creating unflattering lighting that either expose the subject’s uneven skin and hair texture (acne problems, fine line or wrinkles, coarse or damaged hair) or visually age them.

For that reason, your choice of light modifiers and main light placement must be well thought through. A light modifier in studio photography is anything you attach to your flash or light source to control the light pattern it produces. These include umbrellas, softboxes, and reflectors. When choosing my light modifier I will always think about how big is the area I need to light? For full body or group shots I like to use a softbox, but for close individual portrait shots, I use my favorite and most often used light modifier which is the beauty dish....CLICK THE LINK TO READ MORE!

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