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How Photographing Sports Changed My Life

Shooting sports changed my whole photography business! At the end of 2015, I met a gentleman, Rick Parker, who shoots sports photography for a local online news center. We were in the same photo club and he was presenting some of his work and during this time he mentioned that anyone could tag along and learn at one of the games coming up. I, of course, jumped right on that thinking, why not? The first game I attended with him was a local high school game and I left feeling like I should probably put my camera down forever. I had never taken so many out of focus, missed shots–no pun intended–in my life. It was HORRIBLE. There wasn’t one image I liked and I had taken about a 1,000. I mentioned to Rick how frustrated I was and he offered to let me tag along again. It probably took about 6 games before I walked away with 1 good image.

First article in Photofocus, click the link to read more!

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