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Nordic Ski Race

I am not sure many people know this about me but I am also a photographer for Cache Valley Daily. It is a online media website. We cover everything and anything that happens here in the valley. Its actually really cool. For one it keeps me on my toes as a photographer. I never know what I'll get to shoot. Two I get to go to some really cool events. One of them being the 2016 CROWBAR Backcountry Ski Race. I can't lie at first I really didn't want to shoot the race. There was a crazy weather storm warning and driving through the canyon and freezing all morning didn't sound that great. However, my friend Keith is on Search and Rescue and mentioned that him and the rest of the guys where going up and if I wanted I could tag along with them. So we meet for breakfast at 6am and then headed up the canyon. It was crazy! It had snowed so much that night and was still snowing that it took a good hour just to get up there. The race was delayed about 2 hours cause the had to check for signs of avalanches and make sure it was safe for everyone. I honestly couldn't believe people were still wanting to race! The snow was crazy deep and still coming down like mad and it was cold. I was so grateful Keith gave me some of his gear cause I honestly would have froze to death. But can I just say the whole thing was so worth it! It was beautiful up there. Everything pure white and so untouched. I loved that the races all were wearing crazy colors and awesome goggles it made for some really cool shots!

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