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Ice Castle

I had the chance to go down to the Ice Castle in Midway UT with a group of photographers from all over the state and it was AWESOME! Allen's Camera put on the event for local photographers to go to the ice castle alone...I know that sounds crazy but if you have ever been to the ice castle you will understand. It is crazy packed all the time! Kids every where! Which is fine and great don't get me wrong but for photographers it makes it tricky. Cause we want to get the cool shoots of the color ice and the moon and not worry about tripping people with our tripods or people knocking over our tripod. So having the whole place to ourselves is amazing! They had the Tamron and Canon reps there so we were able to try out some really cool lens. I walked around with a Tamron 15-30mm lens on all night and it was perfect. That sucker is super wide and sharp it made for some great images. Once it got dark Rex from Allen's Camera even spun some steel wool for us....for those that don't know spinning steel wool makes for a giant sparkler and photographing it is one of my favorite things to do! After all that a group of photographers from the Cache Valley PAC went out for dinner. It really was a great night and I can't wait to do it again next year!

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