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I recently had the opportunity to work with Becca and Jandy from Eye Candy Makeup and it was so much fun! These girls are beyond talented. They each picked models and covered them in glitter! I mean who doesn't love glitter!?!? Jandy picked the lovely Sierra to be her model. I was so jealous of this girl’s hair! It was long, thick and luscious. Loved it! Jandy stuck with a red and black feel for her model and it worked perfect from the eyes to the lips it was flawless. Becca choose Kaylin to be her model. I have worked with Kaylin before on some personal projects so I was super excited to see her gorgeous face. This girl can model! Becca went with a pink and silver look. I love that she took the look all the way down her arm. Kaylin’s skin was flawless so the whole thing worked perfect! I love how the whole thing worked out and can't wait to work with these ladies again!

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