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First off can we just take a moment and recognize I have now blogged two days in a row!!! WOOP! WOOP! #killingit Thank you...ok now onto the magic that happened last night! So Wednesday nights for me mean I get to hang with the cool kids of the Cache Valley Photographers Club! (side note: I am roughly the youngest in the group so technically they aren't really kids but...that doesn't matter, we act like kids when we are together and have a BLAST) Last night we meet at the Cache Connection Studio in North Logan and practiced a setup to do silhouettes with studio lights. I got the idea from Lindsay Adler's book Creative 52, which is pure gold and so AMAZING! But in there she has 52 challenges for photographers to try and she breaks down her image, her setup, thought process etc. behind it. So we basically setup everything like she suggested. Our model Kennedy had brought different prom dresses for the shoot so we started out doing a basic silhouette shot and then we started adding our own twist and turns here and there. Kennedy changed into this gorgeous long red flowy dress and I immediately thought it looked like a butterfly when she flung it around so we played around with that for a bit. When I got home I tried flipping the image a couple different ways (which I have never done before) and I love how it turned out! Then we ended the night with a simple beautiful portrait setup. It was a great night with some of my favorite creative people...can't get much better than that!

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