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I can't believe this school year is almost coming to an end. It's crazy! The older I get I think the faster each year goes and it's weird to not feel like I didn't just graduate from high school. But with graduation right around the corner senior pictures are a must. So I was super excited to be able to work with Sage and I loved the way her pictures turned out! Before my sessions I like to kind of make a mood board in my head of the look, the location, poses, etc. Of how I want the whole session to go and how I want it to turn out. However, a few minutes into this session my whole idea changed. The light that was happening was crazy! It was so bright and so golden. I just started to picture the whole thing as this vintage, film, gritty, airy picture that was still classic and beautiful. Which at the time seemed a little out there but I generally think outside the box 100% of the time so I went with it! AND IT TURNED OUT AMAZING!

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