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Getting to know my first meter: The Illuminati IM100A wireless light and color meter

I was attending a workshop with Matthew Jordan Smith years ago when I saw first-hand how a photographer used a light meter. At that time he had a Sekonic meter. I remember him explaining how he never does a shoot without one and that it was one of the most important pieces of equipment he owned. He went on to demonstrate how he metered around his set and around his models’ faces. Metering every light individually, more than once and then how he would meter all the lights together at the same time. He would then combine all those numbers together and get this perfectly exposed image. It was fascinating! I instantly drooled over the piece of equipment and realized I needed one.

Flash forward years later to the day my fellow Photofocus Author Kevin Ames called to inform me he would be sending me an Illuminati IM100A Wireless Light and Color Meter. Side note people…dreams do come true. Maybe not when you want or expect, but with hard work and determination they do! I was officially going to have a light meter.

Follow the link to read my full review over at Photofocus!


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