About Erin Holmstead

From the Beginning

Erin loves real, vibrant colors and clean, simple lighting. Her career started with family photo shoots and quickly escalated to commercial work, where she thrives. Erin makes beauty portraits that thrill her and delight her clients. When you see her self portraits you'll wonder how they came to be and how you can get that kind of creativity in your own life. And Erin's background is as versatile and delectable as her work.

She shoots for national brands like Paul Mitchel, runs a local photo club with over 1,000 members, and writes educational articles for Photofocus. Erin runs her business and household that includes her husband, two kids, and also children in foster care. Photography has been a mainstay in her life for 15 years. Although she lives in Utah, she maintains the Kentucky sass she was born with. You'll know Erin's work when you see it, and she'd be happy to help you with your work, too.




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